Sunday, July 29, 2007

Judi's Trip to Germany - August 2006

The first picture above is of Suzie's parents house in Prussberg Germany. The second picture is of the main street through Prussberg.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

House Remodel on July 28th, 2007

The pictures above show our house as it looks on the 27th of July. The first picture is of the back patio and deck on our house. We will have a second upstairs family room opening out onto the deck. The lower level pation will be covered by the deck and so it will be shaded. It opens up from the first floor family room and kitchen. The second picture, with Judi in the foreground, is of the west side of our house. The third picture is also of the west side of out house. Pictures four and five are of the front of our house. The garage and driveway are on the right and the room next to the garage is an office near the entry way door which is just to the left of the office. To the left of the entry way is the master bed room and master bath.

The windows have been installed and the roof tile is stacked on the roof, but not fastened on. The house is currently sheathed in plywood and various sections have been marked for stucco and other sections marked for siding.

Gavin's Birthday July 19th

Gavin's birthday was on the 19th of July. He is now 20 years old. We went to a Mexican Restaurant in the Irvine Spectrum for dinner and returned home for cake and ice cream. Judi put up a Happy Birthday banner for both Gavin and Michael in the dining room. Unfortunately, I did not take a photograph of the banner.

Michael's Birthday - July 17th

Michael's birthday was on the 17th. We had dinner and presents at home and then cake and ice cream. You can see that Michael's girl friend Deanna was there as well as Grandma Roberts.

Jeffrey's Graduation - June 16th

These photos are from Jeffrey's graduation from UCLA. Jeffrey graduated with honors which is why he has a gold braid on his left shoulder. His uncle David and Aunt Carole attended as well as Maude, a girl from France visiting Carole. Also grandma Roberts attended. You also see Jeffrey's picture with his girl friend, Shannon. She is planning on becoming a dentist and will apply to dental school when she graduates for UC San Diego next year. After the graduation, we celebrated with dinner at an Indian restaurant in West Wood.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

House Remodeling July 22nd, 2007

July 2007

As most of you know we are remodeling a house in the Cowen Heights area above the city of Tustin. It is a house that we had rented out for 30 years and it became very run down. We had to refurbish it in order to rent it again, sell it or live in it. We decided to rebuild it and intend to move into it when it is completed. Below are some photos showing the original house and the progress to date.

Before demolition, after demolition, and as it looks in July 2007