Saturday, December 1, 2007

House Update - December 1st 2007

The chain link fence around our home has been removed so we can start installing the hardscape, sprinklers, landscaped, etc.

Inside the family room looking at the entrance. You can see the hardwood flooring is installed in this part of the house, but covered with paper to prevent damage by workers.

In the kitchen, the backsplash behind the counter has been installed. It is stone and the counter top is granite. The hanging lights will be covered with shades later on.

A close up of the back splash where the stove top will be installed.

Upstairs, a picture of our balcony taken through an adjacent bed room window.

A picture of the view outside the upstairs bedroom window.

The hardwood flooring in the office of our home. It is bamboo.

A picture of the kitchen area showing the island and the counter area behind the island.

A picture of the living room area where the piano will be located.

A picture of the dining room area and the living room area with the fire place.

Thanks Giving 2007

The pictures below are from our Thanks Giving get together this year. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the Roast Turkeys and other traditional Thanksgiving foods. But at least I have a few pictures of our family members to remember this day.

My youngest brother Joe, sitting in the atrium. He retired from Marina High School as the equipment manager last year and now spends his time at the Beach and other activities.

Sitting in the atrium with my brother Dennis, my dad Paul, my niece Jamie's husband Mike and myself.

Danny eating at the dining room table with the back of Dennis's head, my dad, Jim's wife Jennifer, my mother in law Anna, and Danny's wife Jean.

Holding hands in a circle for blessing of the food. You can see Gavin, Jim's wife Jenifer, my Sister Sharon, my brother Joe, my nephew Danny, Danny's son Jimmy.

The kids table before dinner.

John's wife Jennifer and their son Cooper.

My niece Jamie and Danny's wife Jean. In the front is another niece, Jodi.

Sitting in the family room is Judi, Joey, Danny, my sister Sharon, Dennis's wife Jan and Sharon's husband Jim.

Some of my niece's and nephew's kids.

My cousin Chris. He spent most of Thanksgiving day working on my computer to try to clean it up but he also likes our piano.

Judi's brother David getting ready to leave with his wife Chris.