Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our House Update - 3 November 2007

This is the Front of our house. All painted, but still without the new garage doors. The roof is complete also.

Our family room is painted a light green.

The dining room and living room are painted beige.

We also have built ins for our walking closet.

This is Judi in the kitchen. Hopefully we will see the granite top on the island in the next week or two.

A final picture of the entry way from the family room.

My Garden

The picture above shows the right had side of my garden. On the far right side is a row of peas by the fence and a row of beans on the inside. Toward the back on the right side are beets and behind the beets are four broccoli plants.

On the left hand side are two rows of lettuce plants toward the front and toward the back are cauliflower plants and in the very back are some cabbage plants.

Another shot of the peas and bean plants.

Another shot of the lettuce plants.

In the middle of my garden are two planter boxes. The front box contains radishes, lettuce and bean plants. The second box toward the rear contains cauliflower plants. I don't know why I planted so many cauliflower plants. I wish I had planted more broccoli instead.

Suzie, Fiona, Almut, and Benedickt at the Airport

In November, Suzie and her children Fiona, Almut and Benedict left Hawaii to return to Germany while Brian trained at Twentynine Palms in California. Judi and I were able to see them at the Los Angeles airport where they changed planes from United Airlines to Lufthansa airlines. Unfortunately, the time to see our grand children was too short. They seemed to be happy and in good spirits.

Judi got to hold Benedict, but only for a short time. He seemed to be calm and quiet the whole time we were together.

While were at Lax, we were able to sit down in a restaurant for lunch.