Sunday, July 6, 2008

Michael's House

Early in 2008, Michael bought a house in Anaheim. It was a bank repossession and was a real fixer upper.

Michael, his Fiance Deanna, and Judi standing outside of the garage

The garage soon became the area for storage of tools, materials, food, etc. while the demonlition and refurbishment took place.

One of the first steps was to demolish a wall that separated the living room from the dining room and some of the other interior walls needed to be ripped out and replaced. You can see the demo pile in the living room.

Another picture of the demolishion rubbish before it was put into a dumpster and hauled away.

The kitchen was also in bad shape with many coats of paint on the cabinets and all of the hinges and hardware needing to be replaced.

A picture of the hall way leading from the living room and entrance to the back bedroom. The second smaller bedroom is too the left.

The house has two bedrooms and the smallest bedroom had a doorway into the garage that also needed to be walled in. Evidently the earlier residents had used the garage as part of the living area and therefore the door from the bedroom to the garage.

As you can see, the plumbing was also in bad shape.

The bathroom enclosures and fixtures also need replaced.

A picture of Mike cutting flooring pieces.

A picture of the hallway after the repainting and flooring installation.

A picture of the living room with all of the demolition material removed, repainted and with flooring installed.

Looking from the living room into the dining room and back yard where the wall between the living room and dining room were removed. As you can see, the back yard needs to be worked on, but that can wait until the house is finished.

Looking from the dining room into the kitchen with all of the cabinets stripped and repainted with new hardware.

A picture of the flooring for the entry way. As you can see, door framing still needs to be installed.

The master bedroom has the same flooring installed.

My Garden

I started my new garden in April on the left are four tomatoe plants. In the center are two rows of bush beans (green beans ) and on the right are two rows of sweet corn separated by two cucumber and one squash plant.

We now, in July, are harvesting tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, squash and beans

In our second planter box, we have zuchinni, lettuce, beats and a pepper plant.

Easter Egg Hunt and More

Sean, Amanda, Gage and Ian ready for Church on Easter Sunday

Gage and I are ready too

A really fine looking couple

Four generations of Moore's. My Dad turned 89 years old in December

Gage gets to wear my Dad's hat

We had the Easter party at my Nephew Danny's house. They have a swing set in the back yard which was a hit for Gage and Ian and their pusher Dad

Danny in light yellow shirt, Brett in the vertical stripped shirt, my brother Joe in the Cap, Jennifer who is my nephew Johnny's wife, Jan who is my brother Dennie's wife, Brett who is my niece Jodie's husband and Jamie who is my niece

Amanda, Michael, Dianna, and Gavin

My Brother Dennis, my Dad Paul, my Cousin Robby, my niece Shelly's husband Pat, and my Sister Sharon

Moore nieces and nephews

The Easter Egg hunt is on with Johnny and Jennifer's son Cooper

Danny with his back turned, Brett and his son Devin. I am not sure who the lady is at the table, she might be Jean's mother.

Everyone got into the act, including Ian

Gage ran out of room in his basket and had to carry eggs under his chin

Grandma Roberts with two of her great grand children

The Monday after Easter, we went to out garden in Irvine for the last time. There happens to be a playground there so we took advantage of the opportunity.

Gage helped to pull the last of the carrots.

And Ian got into the act also.

A Day At The Beach

We went to the Beach over the Easter Weekend

The water was too cold to really spend much time in

Gage and Ian getting water to make sand castles

And Mom took lots of pictures of her Boys

Gage checking out the kelp or something

More sand and water

And waves

But no sand crabs

Gage and Ian dug a big hole in the beach.

And Sean and Gavin played frisby

I think Gage is a natuaral born digger